Monday, March 23, 2009

Paulette Macarons

I spent the weekend up in LA visiting Lindsay and exploring a few bakeries. Lindsay recommended her favorite macaron shop, Paulette Patisserie in Beverly Hills. I went by myself today while she was at work and picked out a few interesting flavors for us to try. The storefront is very simple and the presentation of the product is beautiful. The counter top is a rainbow of macarons and the prices here are excellent. The individual macarons are $1.60 each, which is by far the lowest price I've seen macarons going for in America. The flavors range from caribbean chocolate to New Orleans praline to more exotic flavors like jasmine tea and violet cassis. All the macarons can be ordered online to be shipped overnight or picked up at the store.
I purchased four of the flavors and each macaron I tried was incredibly fresh and bursting with flavor. I chose the caramel, coconut, jasmine tea, and violet cassis.
Yum Yum Yum!!! Brings me back to Paris and my very first experience with the delicate and complex cookie that is the french macaron.
The violet cassis was my favorite. The filling consisted of a violet ganache and a black currant jam. Next time I'm in LA I will most definitely visit Paulette again and I hope the raspberry rose macaron is on special that day!


Caroline B said...

yum yum yum. wish i had been there, i may have to order online, or order some from you :) thanks for introducing me to the world of macaroons. they are so much fun.

Gloris said...

Hello! I read an old post of yours on wordpress today and followed you here. I was googling "orange blossom water" and came across your "Rose and Orange Blossom Macaroons" post. My son and I want to make them now. Thanks! We love San Diego, by the way. There's a great bakery in Point Loma called, The European Cake Gallery. Their Swiss Black Forest Cake was better than homemade. Visit my post today about making Chocolate Souffle if you get a chance: